Nelio A/B Testing is a Conversion Optimization Service which allows you to quickly test new ideas based on your hypothesis. As such, it offers several advantages to its subscribers:

  1. You can create A/B and multivariate tests which gathers a lot of tracking information from your visitors.
  2. All previous tests include heatmaps, scrollmaps and confetti maps to better understand the behavior of your visitors.
  3. Nelio takes care of the storage and process of all tracking information and it thus lifts all the processing load from your own server. This way, your WordPress server can focus on its goal (serving pages), without experiencing any slowdown or interfering your hosting provider limits.
  4. You don’t need to pay for the whole service up-front; you can pay monthly, when you need to.
  5. You’ll always have the latest version of the service available.
  6. Our support team won’t take you for granted and will always help you.