This article applies to Nelio A/B testing versions prior to 5.0.

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When evaluating which page/post variant is more successful in bringing your visitors to your goal page or post, you can take into account only direct navigations or also the indirect ones.

In a direct navigation the visitor goes from the tested page to the goal page without visiting other internal/external pages of your site in the middle. Instead, in an indirect navigation goal, a visitor that arrives to the goal page after visiting several (if any at all) other pages in the process is also counted as a conversion.

Direct goals give you a more precise idea of how the effect of an alternative improves your conversion rate but require the two pages (tested and goal) to have a direct connection, which is not always possible (e.g. imagine that you want to see which landing page version ends up bringing more people to your checkout page).

Indirect goals are more flexible but results have to be analyzed with a little bit more caution since the improvement in the conversion rate could be due to a change in one of the intermediate pages your visitors are seeing in their way to the conversion page. Therefore, when using indirect goals try to minimize the changes in other relevant parts of your site.