This article applies to Nelio A/B testing versions prior to 5.0.

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It may be difficult to interpret the results of a running A/B testing experiment. For that reason you can easily know the status of your experiment by looking at the specific icon shown in the summary section of the results view.

  • stop indicates that there is no current winner alternative and that you have to wait for more visits/conversions to come.
  • star indicates that there is an alternative that is currently winning, with low confidence. Specifically, the confidence of the results does not reach 95%*.
  • tick indicates that there is an alternative that is the winner of the experiment with a confidence greater than 95%*. In this case we can affirm that this alternative is the one that performs better than the others.

See also more information about running and monitoring experiments in our Getting Starting Guide.

*You can change this default value by going to the Advanced tab in Settings within the Nelio A/B Testing menu in your WordPress dashboard. Just change the value in the Min. Confidence setting: