Heatmaps are visual representations that show the interaction of visitors in our website. We observe different colors indicating the relevance of the different elements or areas that appear in our page. Warmer colors indicate greater interaction in the area, while colder colors show the opposite. 

When you create a heatmap test on a WordPress page, Nelio A/B Testing will track the visitors who access that page and the interaction they make with the mouse. In the heatmap you will see the hot zones of your website, which are those that receive more interaction from your visitors. 

To interpret the results, you must take into account that warmer colors indicate a greater degree of interaction, and therefore relevance, in the different elements of the page. 

Heatmaps are always a good start in your strategy to optimize the conversion of your website. They provide you with real data aggregated from your visitors, and easier to understand. With the results of a heatmap you can easily get ideas to test in A/B tests on your pages.