This article applies to Nelio A/B testing versions prior to 5.0.

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Nelio A/B Testing provides the following settings related to user interface (Nelio A/B Testing -> Settings):

  • Admin Bar - indicates whether you want to show a specific menu for Nelio A/B Testing (with shortcuts to create experiments) in the admin bar that appears when you are visiting your site and you are logged in as an admin user.
  • Plugin Menu Locations - indicates the location where the plugin menu appears in the WordPress dashboard. The valid options are:
    • Top of the Dashboard
    • Above Appearance
    • Below Tools
    • First Option in Last Block
    • Latest Option
  • Experiment List - indicates which are the experiments that should appear in the list of experiments of your site.
    • Hide Finished Experiments
    • Show Recently Finished Experiments
    • Show All Finished Experiments
  • Icons and Colors -allows you to change the colorscheme used in the plugin. The options are:
    • Regular Palette
    • Colorblind Palette