This article applies to Nelio A/B testing versions prior to 5.0.

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ResponseTap is an online SEO and analytics company that utilizes proprietary software to track what a user does on a client's website before, during, and after calling the company. Nelio A/B Testing version 4.2.11 was launched in October 2015 and included support for ResponseTap. From that version on, if you're interested in using a phone call as a conversion action for one of your experiments, you can!

Let's see how you can configure ResponseTap and Nelio A/B Testing.

Configure ResponseTap

Requirements. In order to use ResponseTap along with Nelio A/B Testing, your ResponseTap account must have URL Callbacks enabled. If they're not enabled, or if you don't know it for sure, contact the ResponseTap's support team and ask them for help.


1. Log in to your ResponseTap account.

2. Select your account, click on Manage to open the menu, and click on Websites.

3. Once you're in the Websites screen, click on the Edit button of the appropriate website to open the menu and, then, click on Website details.

4. Go to the Cookie variables section and click on the + sign. This will open a form with two fields: Cookie name and Cookie description. Fill in the forms as depicted in the following image (that is, Cookie name: «nelioab_userid» and Cookie description: «Visitor ID by Nelio») and click on Save.

5. Now you're back to the list of Websites (see step 3). Click on Edit and, then, Placeholders.

6. Select the number whose calls you want to link to Nelio A/B Testing and click on Edit » URL callbacks - Post call.

7. In the Edit Features - URL callbacks - Post call - Test number screen, click on Add New URL and fill in the fields as depicted below:

  1. Tag name: «nelio-user-id», Type: «Website cookie», Tag value: «Visitor ID by Nelio»
  2. Tag name: «rt-account-id», Type: «Account variable», Tag value: «Account ID»

8. Select the URL you just created from the Available URLs list and move it to Enabled URLs using the right-arrow icon, and click on Save.

Let's see how to configure Nelio A/B Testing....

Configure Nelio A/B Testing

1. First of all, we need to know your ResponseTap Customer ID. In order to do that, log in your ResponseTap account, and then click on Manage » My Account. There you'll find your Customer ID. In our case, 6516.

2. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.

3. Go to Nelio A/B Testing » Settings.

4. In the Basic tab, there's an option named Call Tracking Service. Select ResponseTap in the dropdown setting and add your ResponseTap Customer ID:

5. Click on Save Changes.

How to Use ResponseTap in Nelio A/B Testing

Once you've properly configured both ResponseTap and Nelio, you can use phone calls as conversion actions. In order to do that, simply create a new experiment and use the Phone icon in the Goals section: